Hello everyone, we are Catherine, Johan and Nathalie – 3 friends who wanted to set up an ethical consumption project in fashion. The taste for going beyond but also a change of perspective. So for more than a year now, we have been thinking, we are learning, we are screwing up, we get there and above all we LIKE IT!

How it all started …

 One day, Catherine, who finds ideas for business on the chain, sends a message to Nathalie:

  • Hey, wouldn’t you be interested in renting clothes for your daily life, a bit like we did with our children?
  • Ouuuh clearly! Besides, I would be very interested in doing business with you. Very very seriously
  • Yeah me too!
  • Revolutionizing fashion, I’m in!
  • Yeeeahhh!

A few coffees later and a lot of ideas in their heads, the two friends in their thirties say to themselves that they would need a man in the story, because in the long term it would be good to develop that also for the men . And then, we must admit, web technology is not their thing. Without hesitation, they are thinking of their friend Johan. They talk to him about it at a party at their friend Delphine’s (you know, the one who did the illustrations on the front page?). It bites directly on the hook.

It will then take a few months for this happy trio to establish the lines of the project and get into the concrete. Today, with their experience in various technical / technological sectors, the three friends are ready to jump and create a revolution in the fashion sector.

Want to join us ?

We are currently looking for the following profiles:`